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Conceived 70 years ago for use in automotive transmissions the requirement for SSS Clutches was transformed when Gas Turbines began to be used for Power Generation and Marine Propulsion systems.

The "Fluidrive SSS Transmission" - a semi-automatic automobile gearbox - The Autocar 1956.

SSS Clutch Highlights…

2002 30th Navy selects SSS Clutches for marine propulsion.

1999 100th CCGT Plant.

1997 800MW generator converted to a sychronous condensor in decommissioned nuclear plant.

1994 First SSS Pinion Clutch with electronic controlMagnifier

1989 SSS-Tosi drive selected for <US Navy AOE class> 48000t ships.

1984 First Marine Electric Propulsion system using SSS Clutches.

1981 Selected for Tosi reversing drive for Italian Navy Helicopter Carrier.

1976 First CAES plant and world's highest power clutch.

1964 First application in Gas Turbine Generator for Synchronous Condensing.

1960 First application in Gas Turbine marine propulsion.

The "Enterprise" hauling 1500 tons of coal through an SSS Clutch - 1956.